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Triangle Pub in Seattle- The Triangle Pub, located in the south end of Pioneer square, just one block north of Safeco field in Seattle, has been a personal favorite sports pub for me and my dad for years. We can be found at the Triangle Pub several times throughout the Mariners and Seahawks season enjoying a cold one and watching all the latest action in sports before we head into the game.

The Triangle Pub in Seattle might only be a pitstop on the way to the stadium for some, but for the two of us its much more. Sports has always been a way for my father and I to bond, and since the day I was legally allowed to consume a tasty beverage, my dad and I have been enjoying a conversation about America's favorite pastime (and our favorite pastime), we cover all the latest trades in baseball and lastly, what the Mariners need to do to actually put together a winning season ( Pujols to the Angels won't help). The atmosphere is laid back and friendly, the experience is genuine, and the best of part about it all is we can do it without breaking our wallet or missing a beat in the latest sports news and events. The two of us will alternate rounds (usually $2 PBR tallboys) while sitting at the bar and taking our choice out of 10 flat screens to view.

Seattle's Triangle Pub

This isn't just any pub though, this pub has character, it has history. Built in 1910, this flatiron building originally served as a Hotel and Bar, Although the hotel was only able to stay in business until 1920, the bar became the local neighborhood hangout. During the Great Depression the top two floors of the hotel served as a Brothel as the pub continued to be a local favorite.

For some the Triangle Pub wont carry the meaning it does for me and my father, a place to grow even closer, catch up, and just hangout, but that doesn't mean it can't. I challange you, the next time you are walking through the streets of Pioneer Square, to swing in and make a friend, or two. Drink a beer, talk sports, enjoy the atmosphere. But most of all, just sit back, relax, and take in all that Seattle's Triangle Pub has to offer.


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Hi Andrew,

I have had a numer of brews at the Triangle Pub too.  We had season tickets to the Mariners when we lived there and had the chance to sample the Triangle Pub often during the 6 seasons. You described the atmosphere very accurately.  Have a beer for me the next time you are there.


Dec 13, 2011 09:48 AM