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Renting vs. buying a home in Woodland Hills, CA

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People have different reasons for why they rent versus buying a home. One could simply be that their credit is not up to par, and they don't have job stability. Another reason could be that they are simply afraid of buying a home in this economy, or they just don't want that responsibility right now. Whatever the reason is, you should do some research on your own and find out how much money you are saving or losing by renting a home. You may find out that with a down payment, your mortgage could be less expensive than what you are paying for rent. Like some people say, if you are renting, you are simply paying someone elses mortgage. Not to scare anyone, but you have to be careful renting homes these days. Some homeowners that are renting their homes have liens against them or they are in foreclosure. And some homeowners may require a deposit and two months worth of rent just to catch up on their bills. Well, when you do finally purchase a home, say for instance in Woodland Hills, CA, you can rest assure that your realtor or agent has done their homework to make sure that you get your dream home along with a clean title. Not to mention the great programs for first time homebuyers, low interest rates and a good investment if you decide to buy now. So do yourself a favor and find out whether you're saving money or losing money. And when you're ready to make a move, make your next your best move!

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Oct 13, 2012 10:35 PM