Arizona Real Estate Investments: Don't Miss the Boat

Real Estate Agent with Resort Style Homes

Recent reports show there has been a massive influx of international investors buying real estate investment property in the Arizona market.  This is due to the incredibly low prices and the abilty to cash flow the property in a buy and hold real estate investment situation.  Given the low returns from financial institutions and the volatile paper market, low risk real estate investment has once again become the hot new trend for investors.   Single family homes are in demand both to purchase and to rent. Real estate investors are purchasing, fixing and renting.  It is the perfect storm for investors as the rental market continues to grow stronger as supply is limited, with the number of renters steadily increasing.  With the supply of single family homes forecasted to be on a continual decline, it will become increasingly more difficult for real estate investors to purchase good product in preferable locations in the greater Phoenix area.  Those who have already purchased will benefit from both passive steady rental income for the foreseeable future plus an inevitably higher resale value. 

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