Pride in Our Work

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Now that we are back doing some rehabing for our out-of-state investors I have become more critical about the condition of the rehabs I inspect.

When a rehab is complete it should look complete.  Anyone that presents their work for sale (all of ours are rentals) should be proud to walk any prospective buyer through the property.  I don't understand the lack of pride in the completed work.

No Dead Bolt

The homes in these pictures all had offers and I was doing the Home Inspection for the prospective buyer.

Painters Tape

The blue line isn't decorative, it is painters tape.

Stained Carpet

If your trying to sell you don't leave this type of condition.

Today's market is one that demands you have an edge on every comparable house on the market.  The above houses will sell or rent slower than ones that have been completed with pride.


Jack Gilleland

Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton



Comments (3)

James Quarello
JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC - Wallingford, CT
Connecticut Home Inspector

You have to wonder what some people think. Any one with two eyes can see this stuff and it's a turn off. 

Dec 15, 2011 08:35 AM
Jay Markanich
Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC - Bristow, VA
Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia

So now you're saying that painter's tape isn't decorative?  Why exactly do you think they make it blue?

And the lockset is just waiting for something to strike it.  As the umpire, you should simply wait for the pitch.

Dec 15, 2011 08:07 PM
Jack Gilleland
Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton - Clayton, OH

James - Makes me proud of the work we do.

Jay - Never thought of using painter's tape for trim.  hmmm.  Maybe Billy Jay could come up with some other colors too.  Maybe even some wood grain.


Dec 16, 2011 05:48 AM