A lot of Bad Blood Here On Active Rain About SEO Companies

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I'm wondering why there is so much bad blood here on activerain.com about SEO Companies. Maybe I don't understand cause I don't rip people off and actually produce results. Also I give out a whole lot of free advice. Lets open up a discussion here. If there is any SEO, Internet Marketing, HTML or what ever answers I can answer please feel free to ask here in comments.

I just want to give good SEO Companies a good name here on Active Rain.

There are 4 factors that you should worry about most.

  1. Good descriptive page title. I use 2 sentances around 12 words total.
  2. Good Content at least 500 words and DO NOT stuff keywords. 1% to 2% Keyword density IE: the ratio of keywords to total words. Make sure it reads well for a live person not google.
  3. URLs - Make sure you use your keywords in your URL's. Domain names also! You can rank in one day with the right domain name.
  4. Last but not least you must have at least 1 backlink to keep your site in the google index. links from high ranking and reletive web sites will boost your rankings in all search engines.

The proper way to post a link back to your site: <a href="http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.com" title="YOUR KEY WORDS">YOUR KEY WORDS THIS IS THE ANCHOR TEXT</a>


I hope this helps out! I will write more in depth SEO articles here soon. I think the next one will be on link building the way SEO companies do it.


Thanks and hope to get some questions


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Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Hi, Ron 

   Welcome to ActiveRain.

 Why the "bad blood"?

      Lots of cold call sales from people who promise, "We can get you on Google Page 1 Postion 1".   Sure they can, but for what long-tail keyword, and/or how much will this cost for backlinks or PPC?

      A brief conversation with these salespeople reveals that we know more about SEO than they do.

     Some of the Cold Callers fail to notice that many ActiveRainers are already on Google Page 1 (you would think their Trainer or Boss would have told them to search a company on the web, before making the call.

   ActiveRain itself provides very good SEO (it noticably slipped after the Google "Panda" Algorithm was released, but it's still quite good).





Dec 15, 2011 01:13 PM
Ron Smart
SEO Company LGS - Westlake Village, CA

Funny thing is I get cold calls from other SEOs also. I let them go on and on then through them a couple curve balls wait on hold with the speaker phone on while im working. They come back and give me an answer and I throw another one or tell them who I am. lol 


Thanks for clearing things up!


Backlinks and PPC.

Well PPC I've seen more loss than gain in "Most" not all markets, even with the new cell phone ads. There is way to much fraud out there! PPC is good for a tax write off lol and brand if you have the money to blow.

Backlinking or Link Building is an art in it self but it doesn't have to be expensive and you can even do it your self. The thing with backlinking it's very time consuming and if you don't know what you are doing it can work against you. Don't get caught buying links you don't want to get your site blacklisted.

If there is any specific questions on link building I would be happy to answer.


Thanks again for clearing things up!

Dec 15, 2011 01:54 PM
Ron Smart
SEO Company LGS - Westlake Village, CA

Page 1 Postion 1 I've never told anybody I would do for them. As far as I will go is I guarentee first page results for "MOST" Key words in 6 months Some 90 Days and some less. But it just depends. I published www.CamarilloUpholstery.com on 12/13/2011 ans it's in position #3 on 12/14/2011 for the keyphrase Camarillo Upholstery lol

Bad example but it's not a hard thing to do. I think SEOs come into play in high comp areas that really need the expertise like the keyword "realtor" or "real estate" Yeah it's posible but you are competing with Page ranks of 7 and tens of thousands of backlinks. My advice to you all is Start buying URLs for the cities you cover.

Something that might blow your mind click the link there are millions of URLs available that are up for grabs that will drive leads and are easy to rank for.

LINK : http://www.securepaynet.net/domains/searchresults2.aspx?ci=16811&prog_id=lgswebhosting

If you buy it please just buy it from me for the advice.

Dec 15, 2011 02:15 PM
Ron Smart
SEO Company LGS - Westlake Village, CA

33,000 Monthly Searches for the keyphrase: los angeles house for sale

Dec 15, 2011 02:19 PM
Ron Smart
SEO Company LGS - Westlake Village, CA
Just realized the link I posted was temporary. If anyone needs some help finding awesome URLs feel free to ask. Click on the link and search for Los Angeles houses for sale That will pull up a nice domain name with over 33,000 monthly searches that is up for grabs in an awesome area LA Hope that helps
Dec 17, 2011 06:49 PM
Ken's Home Team LLC. | 360.609.0226 | Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA Real Estate Team
Ken's Home Team LLC. - Vancouver, WA

I wanted to say hello, I see that you just joined ActiveRain, I have been a member for over 2 years now and it has been amazing for me and my business check out my blog.  If you need any help please feel free to call me, I offer this because I also want to get to know you and when I have a referral I know a person in your city that I can send business to YOU!

Again, feel free to contact me if you need any help with ActiveRain.

Thank you,

Dec 22, 2011 08:13 AM