Why have an home inspection?

Home Inspector with Pioneer Property Inspectors LLC

 Does the realtor want to assume all of the responsibility of the home they are selling or do want to have a shared responsibility? Someone with knowledge, experience and most importantly some with INSURANCE to take on that responsibility, to find what can not been seen. Does the client really want to get screwed? NO! They want to know everything about that house, and then some.

Most important is buying or selling your new home with confidence. Whether buying or selling a home, knowing the current condition is a wise decision.

A home inspection is an in-depth comprehensive, visual inspection of almost everything in the home. So... Why is it so important to have a Home Inspection?

 Does the average home buyer even have a clue what they are looking at? Except where they are going to put the couch and who gets what sink. This is the main reason for home inspectors, Home inspectors look beyond the cosmetics and into the "nut-and-bolts" of the home.

 Most states now require some type of licensing. Thus making home inspectors to step up their game and become more knowledgeable and  home inspectors are becoming highly trained in the process. Most inspectors are now looking at almost 400 items during an inspection. Some are even offering some sort of advice as how to make some repairs and how to some minor maintenance issues (thus reducing the chance for a broken deal).


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