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This is a great article summarizing SEO and aggregating some of the best blog posts on ActiveRain related to SEO or search engine optimization.  Check it out and it should do wonders for your business.  Good luck!

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I keep a list of most of my blogs on my profile page for easy navigation and for a quick find if I need it. It really helps so you don't have to go back through all your months of blogging to find that one blog you were looking for.

Well here's the list of just a few of the best SEO related blogs. There are more ActiveRain related blogs on my profile page.

Let's start at the beginning... what is SEO and why is it so important?

I see this a lot and wanted to clear up whether you should be submitting all the time like many website providers suggest.


Are you writing for the search engines or the reader?


Are you using those heading tags to your advantage? Write then optimize and use your keywords in content, tags for navigation and categories for organization.


By answering questions you build community, trust and eventually business.


A few things you must know to optimize a blog post.


A couple social media tricks to get more "likes", more hits and more business


Information on duplicate content. Post where the blog or website page originated making sure it has been indexed first.


Those long titles and keyword rich headings can really add up to some business.


Don't expect your efforts are going to kick in right away. It takes time and we are at Google's mercy.


How to start out with good content, effectively write it and naturally add in your keywords.


What does Google really want from a site?


Tips for optimizing your cookie cutter template or website.



How linking really affects your ranking - from back links to anchor tags.




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Great re-post... Thank you for sharing... there is so much on this subject!

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Tammy Emineth
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Thank you Chris for the reblog! I feel so special! ;-) Really appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

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