Cancer Benefit today to help a local mom, Lalania Hall- Fuquay Varina

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Lalania fights back against Cancer!!

The community of Fuquay Varina is gathering today to help one of their own. There will be a benefit luncheon and raffle to raise money to help Lalanie get the money she needs. 

What: Chicken and BBQ plate and Raffle

When: Dec 17th starts at 10:00 and stops when everything is gone

Where: Parking lot of Jus Enuff Restarurant in Fuquay Varina (736 N. Main Street Fuquay Varina)

Who:  All of you are invited!

  *If you can't make it to the event please consider donating directly through the link below. 

Help Lalania Hall FIGHT her Cancer at

Below is a message from Lalanie.

"As a United States Army Veteran and mother of 5 boys, when I heard the words "I'm sorry Mrs Hall, but you have Stage IV Breast Cancer" I couldn't believe it was happening to me,I mean I was only could I be this sick?!  I have fought hard these past 4 1/2 years, already outliving many statistics. It has NOT been easy.  
 As you can guess, because I have actually continued to LIVE, I am now in terrible debt to the Duke Cancer Clinic where I currently receive my treatments.  To the point of sometimes not even being able to get monthly prescriptions as there just isn't enough money to go around.  Yes I have insurance, but I do have to pay after the insurance pays what they feel is appropriate and sometimes they even refuse to pay, leaving me with thousands each time.  
 Now I have a remarkable opportunity to seek treatment at another clinic which shows tremendous HOPE!!!  I am beyond excited!  But again, this new treatment will cost even more than what I am currently paying to Duke.  It took me a very long time to even consider going to this other clinic simply because of the financial responsibility that we would be undertaking, but these words just kept coming to me "What price am I going to put on my life?".  
All of the money raised on this site will STRICTLY go towards my medical treatments & prescriptions!  
Supporters Can Help By:
*Financial Donations (to cover medical expenses)
 I can NOT thank you enough for any support that you can give!!!  
The treatment I seek will be provided by Dr Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, TX.  He has wonderful success rates and is quick to assess whether or not the treatments will work or not.  The clinic is not cheap as they are a private entity.  I am so very excited at the prospect of actually planning on LIVING instead of planning on what my family will do when I DIE.  Below is a link to the clinic.  Feel free to search the site yourself to see exactly why I am happy that I will never have to say "What if..."."

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