Would you consider being someone's Holiday blessing?

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Would you consider being someone's Holiday blessing?  Children in need ask for so little was the title of an article I read in our Fort Collins Coloradoan the other day. The article written by Kathleen Duff makes some very good points. The less you have the more content you are and the more excess you have the less satisifed you are. Those are my words of course but her intent was the same.

 Her article was inspired by the many adopt-a-family and local charities that are asking the public to please help our lower income family's children celebrate the holidays. It is so easy to forget that while we spend $300 plus on a X-Box, or $140 on a pair of tennis shoes, there are children and families out there can not even afford the holiday dinner. That gifts are simply out of the question and heating their home is optional.

Not all families that are struggling are drug addicted welfare families. (those children should NOT be forgotten and made to suffer even more than their current situation puts them in).

There has been ALOT of job loss (my husband included) in this country, in our towns and even in our own neighborhood and communities. 

Tragic events (loss or illness of a family member) that has caused tremendous financial burdens. 

Domestic violence incidents increase during the holiday (having to flee your home for your own personal safety and your child's with absolutely nothing but the clothes you are wearing).  Leaving behind your clothes, your toys, your pets, your comfort. I know - I have been there.

Or what about our military parents serving over seas leaving a single parent to handle it all? Trying to make ends meet while their spouse handles our national security.

While we live in our comfortable little world of excess or even our basic necessities with extras and get whatever we want, when we want it, let us not forget we are a step away from being "one of them"..  Our world can change in a heartbeat. I mean a heartbeat...

I ask that while you are able to make a difference in the life of a child, a family, would you? A simple gift for a family in need, celebrating a Christmas meal the day before or even after your own celebration.

Could you contact your local Domestic Violence Shelter and ask if there is a family in need of a place to come for dinner, a child in need of clothes or school supplies? Find your local Red Cross or Adopt-a Family, even churches have names of families in need of gift baskets of food.

Don't forget the mother  or father who hasn't had a gift for themselves in years. A family that isn't sure how they are going to put a holiday meal on their table let alone gifts under a tree they can't afford to buy.

What might be a simple gift to you, can bring the holiday season alive for someone else. The fact that someone else cared enough is what will matter the most, not the cost of the gift.

Would you consider being someone's Christmas blessing? Please contact your local community and see where YOU can make a difference.

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Lisa Wetzel
RE/MAX Realty Affiliates - Carson City, NV
CDPE, SFR carsonvalleyland.com

Sherilyn ... what a womdeful blog!  It is easy to loose sight of the most important things.  We have all benn touched in one way or another by the recent events in our economy!  It is the time to reflect ... reqroup ... and help!

Thanks for the great blog!  Merry Christmas!

Dec 17, 2011 03:24 AM
Sherilyn M. Whistler
ERA Herman Group Real Estate-NoCo - Loveland, CO
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Lisa:  Thank you and I hope that we do actually stop and think, not about our needs, but for at least a moment, about someone elses.

Dec 17, 2011 03:28 AM