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Walking in a Winter... Real Estate Market?

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Originally Posted on 12/19/2011 on wwww.EmmerGroupBlog.com:

When you think of the winter holidays, there’s a variety of things that come to mind: reindeer, presents, candles… home listings? Selling a home during the most festive time of year can be frustrating, when there are so many other things going on, and sometimes it’s a difficult necessity. But what if you could hold off a few more months- should you?

Not according to a recent survey done by Realtor.com. According to them, 60 percent of real estate professionals polled said it was a good idea to try to sell during this time of year, as there’s less competition and the buyers are often much more serious. The survey also did a poll of how you should stage the home during this season, and there were many differing opinions on the matter. SO, we decided to share our opinion of what NOT to do when it comes to decorating your holiday soon-to-be-sold home:

3. DON’T… Overwhelm with Religion: It is a very festive time of year, a very spiritual time of year, and we all know and respect each other’s life paths. However, this doesn’t mean that your home needs to look like this home:

Chanuka House, Hanukkah

 No matter what you believe in, if you alienate your buyer, they won’t be able to see themselves in your home comfortably. Leave the showing of devotion to another year, and this year, go more toward the ambiguous wreaths and candles.

2.  DON’T… Go Overboard: Okay, we won’t deny it; these huge holiday light shows can seriously put you in the festive mood. Like this one, for instance:

It’s magical, it’s musical, it’s… a little over-powering. When someone’s coming to tour your home, they aren’t looking for free entertainment- they’re looking for their own potential home. Don’t blind them with too many lights, keep it simple: holiday scents, perhaps a little non-specific holiday music and even a natural-looking garland on the mantle.

1. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T…  Put this thing up. Anywhere in your house. We’re serious.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday and that your selling goes smoothly. Perhaps, even, in the spirit of the season, you’ll want to give us the gift of being a new Emmer homeowner?

Just a thought!

What holiday faux-pas do you think the standard home-seller should avoid this season? Let us know in the comments below! 

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