Week 51 - Who will tell your tale?

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In Homer's epic poem we learn that an Odyssey is a long, wandering, and eventful journey. 2011 has been an Odyssey for many of you, and 2012 will be another Odyssey for you


The Question is...

Which Homer will tell your tale?


12 Things Happy People Do Differently
by Jacob Sokol




1) Express Gratitude
2) Cultivate Optimism
3) Avoid Over-thinking and Social Comparisons
4) Practice Acts of Kindness
5) Nurture Social Relationships
6) Develop strategies for Coping
7) Learn to Forgive
8) Increase "Flow" Experiences
9) Savor Life's Joys
10) Commit to your Goals
11) Practice Spirituality
12) Take care of your body




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