Are You Creating New Homebuyers? Part 2

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In my last posting I presented my opinion that not enough agents are siezing on the crucial first time buyer market.  Not only does this market present a real land of opportunity in our current market, but it is these very people that will fuel the future upper end of the market.  The agent that changes the lives of renters will reap the future dividends.

Below are a couple tools that can help you to show present renters the real cost of renting in the long term without the benefit of tax advantages and asset appreciation, as well as helping them to understand how much home they can really afford. 

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How Much Home Can YOu Afford?



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Scott Slocum
Florida Future Realty Inc. - Cape Coral, FL
Scott Slocum & Associates 239-222-4800, Cape Coral
With a decline in pricing these are viable buyers as they have nothing that they have to sell to get into a new transaction
Nov 07, 2007 10:58 AM
Peter Thompson
Downers Grove, IL
Chicago Mortgage Insight
William, You are right this is a great niche to go after. In a normal year first time buyers make up about 40% of buyers. We need them now to jumpstart the market so everyone else can move up.
Nov 07, 2007 12:04 PM