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How Many of You Print Out and Put Property/Area Info Books in Your Listings?

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Old 3 ring bindersFor your listings do you still print out a bunch of informational pages, put them in the plastic sleeves and into a three ring binder (or some type of holder) that you set out or have the sellers set out when buyers are viewing your listings? Besides the home spec sheet and the county parcel map, maybe you add a list of the schools and utilities in it. Or possibley, if you have extra time, you might even add a page of nearby parks or shoppping, right?


Well, Open Your Door™ Reference Guides are a great replacement for those 3 ring binders or plastic sleeve folders.  Not only do the guides have the information on the community that you usually have to take hours to look up, print out and put into the binders, but it has so much more.  Open Your Door™ Reference Guides contain the state, county and city information with accurate website links so they can look up any other details they may want to know.


You may be asking yourself,"Well do I have to buy one for each city I have a listing in?"  Open Your Door™ Open Your Door Reference Guides PreviewReference Guides are set up by state information, then county information and then list information for the 10 largest municipalities in that county. You can then customize the guides with your photo on every other page, your website and phone number on the footer of the pages and your business cards in a pouch in the guide.  That way, when setting these out at your listings, no matter who the buyer is working with, they will always see your information when looking at the area specifics in the guide!

And to make your life a little easier, we have a guide available for you to have area information at your fingertips with no customization required.  This way you have all the information and links right at hand should you be speaking to a out-of-town buyer wanting to know the specifics on a home you may have sent them through to look at, without having to scramble searching for the information they are asking, or having to call them back later after looking it up.


Either way, you will always appear as the area expert!  And isn't that what you really are?


Let me know if you do put together and set up area information sheets for your listings for buyers to look at as they view the home.  I'm quite curious how many of you already do that.

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Robyn Heathcock
IRG Real Estate - Frisco, TX

Thanks for the information, I will keep it in mind, I currently creat my own property book for each listing.

Dec 21, 2011 06:35 AM
Patricia Cheaure'
Open Your Door™ - Raleigh, NC

I know many agents do that Robyn.  Our reference guides give so much information, that has been verified and all website links listed in it are also verified to be true and of the best information. Save you guys so much work but still makes you appear the expert in your clients eyes!  Have a wonderful New Year and if you would like any more information, please give us a call!

Dec 28, 2011 04:35 AM