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Grille 1There are some businesses that you’d rather not have to visit. I’m not fond of dentists, I’d be lying if I said that I looked forward to the accountant, and going to an auto body shop… well, it’s never for a happy reason, is it? You can imagine my surprise, then, when my recent experience with Emerson Auto Body was a painless, and dare I say even pleasant, experience.

Here’s what happened: my son had been in a minor fender-bender, and his car needed some work done. Let’s just say that it wasn’t in quite the same shape it had been when it rolled out of the showroom. I’ve had some bad experiences with mechanics – the women among you reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of them don’t see the car, or even a customer. They see an easy mark. Because of that, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to taking my son’s car into the shop. It needed to be done, though, so I gritted my teeth, and off we went.

As it turned out, I need not have worried. Rich at Emerson Auto Body was a sweetheart, not a predator… he explained what needed to be done, laying out our options in detail, and then worked with us on the price. A short time later, the work was done. The bumpers, rims, and paint looked fabulous, and Rich and his staff couldn’t have been nicer or more competent.

I’d hope not to need the services of a body shop again anytime soon. If I do, however, you can bet good money that I’ll be returning to Emerson Auto Body. My whole experience with them from start to finish was proof positive of why the business has been successful since 1955. They did right by us, and I recommend them with full confidence that they’ll do the same for you.

Emerson Auto Body is located at 26 Lozier Avenue Emerson, NJ, within walking distance of the Emerson train station and the bus, which comes in handy if you’re without a car. You can visit them online at http://www.emersonautobody.comor call them at (201) 261-6166.

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