Brevard county weather

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You can lay in the sun on 33 miles of beaches at least 300 days a year.
True, it rains at least a little 115 days of the year, but most of the county's average annual rainfall of 50.2 inches falls on sultry, mostly sunny summer afternoons--just in time to cool the air and freshen the spirits. 

A balmy 73 degrees Fahrenheit is the average year-round temperature. In January, the temperature averages 62 degrees, in August 81.5 degrees.

For more specific information regarding weather, wind, rain as it applies to each month go to the following site.

Another nice thing about the climate here is that it does cool off at night as compared to the more Southern parts of Florida. In Melbourne for example, we see a 20 degree drop day to night whereas in the Keys it averages 10 degrees.
All in all the weather here is great.

To see average January temperatures across the United States go to

Compare these to Melbourne.
Remember we spend the majority of our life indoors…sleeping and working. So when we are off, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend it outside in nice weather!

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