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I've just read the post by Gail Tassey out of Austin TX. after walking in on a conversation between two less experienced agents who were talking about the same thing that Gail presented in her Blog.  You know the drill "Now is a Great Time" to begin developing business for 2008. 

This entire approach that we have to start now doing something to bail ourselves out and get ahead tomorrow has always bothered me.  You see it clearly reflects the True American Business Model.  Don't get me wrong I am as American as home made apple pie.  But the problem I have with business models in this country is that they reflect short term statagies as opposed to a more enduring sophisticated approach to business development found in other cultures.  American business models are all about "Flash Dash, next week, next month, next quarter and at most next year.  Whereas other models approach business from a much longer perspective such as 3, 5 and 7 years (or in some instances significantly longer).  These long term strategists typically, lay out plans that are highly detailed, repetitive and consistent.  They, take into account that the average consumer can and does see need to see an object (like your name, your face) six to eight times delivering the same message over a span of time before they begin to recognize and accept the smallest portion of you and your message.

As in the case of the two less seasoned agents they were heavily into trying to get a WOW factor, a headline, some type of attention getting in a self promotional campaign.  Which is fine but they were planning for one BIG shot rather than the methodical, steady approach that builds reinforces and builds more. 

With the market being anywhere from to soft to quicksand many folks are looking for the big idea, act or attention getter.  But I would like to suggest to those of you who want to try and reinvent yourselves begin by looking at what you are currently doing that succeeds. Look at others who seem to be unaffected by these tenuous times and integrate what your perception of their success is into your plan. Then take that positive and add to it, in small increments being sure to bring redundancy into your strategy.  Yes, it may appear to be boring but remember your target does NOT even recognize you are aiming at them until one day the proverbial light bulb goes one.  I guess the point I am driving at here is adjust your thinking and your plan to look down the time line to something other than next week, or quarter.  Reestablish ongoing contacts through multiple forms of media over a lengthy term and somewhere down that road you probably will see the returns are greater that the momentary trill of the high visibility, high pressure pointed approach that satisfies one thing.... Your ego but does little to develop long term return business and relationships with current and potential clients which is the key to success during these times.

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Rebecca Savitski
BSR Real Estate Group - Cary, NC
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WOW - this is such a great post.  I am focused on long term. My business plan remains consist year to year with a few tweeks. But I treat my Real Estate Career as a long term career. I don't treat each sale like I hit the Lottery.


Nov 08, 2007 02:11 AM

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