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So, I didn’t get an $88 million home for Christmas like Ekaterina did. Maybe next year I’ll find a long lost relative that wants to hide some cash.

Yes, $88 MILLION. You heard the story, right?

Russian Billionaire’s Daughter Gets $88 Million Penthouse as NY Crash Pad

Ekaterina’s dad is a Russian billionaire, I’m assuming he helped her out with this purchase which, by the way, isn’t the only place she calls home. According to NBC’s Brian Williams, she has another home in Monaco, as well.

For $88 million, Ekaterina gets approximately 6744 square feet of living space which should make for some decent college parties. The apartment has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms with a pretty sweet view of the park. Of course, concierge service and an elevator attendant are included along with a fitness room and a rooftop garden to do some studying.

The monthly maintenance fees for the building are just $8,800.00, the property taxes are just under $5k per month. While I would imagine that daddy paid cash for the home,  I checked to see what an estimated payment would be on $88 million if someone slapped down a  20% and came up with $391,747.18 PER MONTH.

While I have helped ASU students find cool places to live, all of them put together haven’t totaled $88 million. Maybe that’s because many of their moms and dads don’t know about Kiddie Condo loans! Heck, these parents don’t need to be Russian billionaires, they just need to co-sign on a place for their precious little tykes.. For FAR less than $88 million, they can get a decent pad at Chateau on Central or maybe snag a place or two to for their ASU student to crash at Hayden Ferry or at The Orchidhouse.

Around here, we’ve been known to talk about some of the cool homes located along the light rail line. One of the largest demographics benefitting from living along the line are students at ASU. Many ASU students work hard for their money and some of them enjoy a little bit of help from mom and dad. While some students get help, I’m pretty sure none of them has had as much help as Ekaterina Rybolovleva who’s daddy paid a cool $88 Million.

Students anywhere near Arizona State University should immediately forward this article to mom and dad and DEMAND that they buy them a home near campus.

It’s only fair…

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