So how are the Holidays affecting you?

Real Estate Agent with Beach and River Homes

Everyone has a different opinion on the effect the Holidays have on the volume of people purchasing homes. Locally I have always thought that my business suffered due to people preparing for Christmas and recovering all the way into the middle of January. Many people have said "we decided to wait until after the first of the year" regarding purchases. This year it seems that activity spiked right before Christmas which is not normal for me and caught me a little by surprise. After doing a little research I found that locally the number of closed sales actually decreased last month and my sales volume is contrary to the trend.  I am wondering if all REO activity nationwide picked up over the past 2 months or was it just local? I know that in many cases financial institutions like to clear their books at the end of the year but I dont think this explains the entire trend.


I would welcome any thoughts or opinions. Has anybody else seen an unusual increase/decrease in the last 2 months?

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