Week 52 - Review and Reflect

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2011 has been a great year! 
We guarantee that you can find reasons why 2011 was one of the best years ever!
Let's Review and Reflect...


If you are still alive today and have your health - fantastic!
If you are not in prison - sweet!
If you have food in your belly - tremendous!
If you have clothes on your back - gnarly!
If you have a handful of true friends - totally cool!
If you have a roof over your head - the best!
If you have dependable transportation - rock on!


Now, let's Review and Reflect on your business?


1) What is the Product that you sell?
2) Who is your Target Market?
3) Do you enjoy what you do?
4) Last Quarter - Commissions Earned?
5) Last Quarter - Units Sold?
6) Last Quarter - Average Commission?






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