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Welcome to my lovely, small town of Calimesa. We are located in northern Riverside county in the eastern portion of Southern California's Inland Valley in the San Gorgonio Pass area. The city is perched atop the cooler, clearer highlands between Redlands and Beaumont. This location allows Calimesa to enjoy mostly smog free days with an average high temperature of 79.5 degrees and a average low of 50.2 degrees. We are a land area of only 15.5 square miles, an elevation of 2500 feet and we have a population of approximately 8,000.

One of the things I love about Calimesa is how it has maintained it's rural atmosphere. When the city incorporated in 1990, it's founders were committed to preserving natural open space to provide habitat for wildlife and maintain the area's beautiful setting. Key to the founder's vision was presevation of wildlife corridors, providing safe haven for animals to freely move across town.

Calimesa offers outdoor enthusiasts one of the finest trail systems in California. Miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails crisscross the hills and valleys that set the backdrop of the city. Calimesa's climate, fresh air and canyon views create the perfect environment for golf.  The town offers four opportunities to relax and play golf on some of the best courses the West has to offer. Just minutes in each direction. you'll find the Calimesa Country Club, Oak Valley Golf Club, Yucaipa Valley Golf Club and championship golf amid beatiful mountain views and old growth trees at PGA Golf Club of Southern California at Oak Valley

I have lived here just over four years.  I enjoy staying informed of all city plans and improvements for not only my own benefit but also for my clients. I am proud to say that city planners have done a great job in keeping our rural "feel". Several new planned communities will soon bring a variety of housing opportunities to Calimesa. Summerwind Ranch, Oak Valley Ranch, JP Ranch and other new communities will diversify Calimesa's stock, and provide new parks, schools and shopping for new and existing residents.  

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