How to Attract More Buyers to your Chicago Home for Sale

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Most homebuyers have at least one thing in common. Whether they are picky or easygoing, whether they have a family or live alone, whether they want to pay in cash or get a mortgage—they almost all want to look at homes that are already move-in ready. So before even thinking about putting your Chicago home on the market, it is absolutely essential that you ensure it is in peak condition. With all the competition in the current real estate market, buyers are more likely to seriously consider your Chicago home for sale if it is in immaculate shape.


This means you have to consider the experience of buying your home from the buyer’s perspective. The first aspect to consider is how your Chicago home looks from the road—its “curb appeal.” If you were an interested buyer driving by your place, would you stop to see more or just keep on driving? For starters, the yard should be clean and tidy. Winter can be a tough time for lawns, but try to keep them as free of leaves and brown grass as possible. Set out some cold climate plants to bring added life to the landscape. Evergreens are probably your best bet.


If the exterior paint-job on your house is looking shabby, it’s a good idea to add a fresh coat. You might even take the opportunity to freshen up the look of your house by changing the paint color, especially if it has not been updated in some time. Consult a colorist or your real estate agent first, though, before doing anything drastic. Yes, you want something eye-catching, but you also want something that will appeal to the majority of buyers.


Anything in or around your home that needs maintenance should be immediately repaired—especially if it is visible from the street. Your home should appear well-maintained and tended to because buyers can form an opinion about the place within seconds of seeing it.


Chicago homeowners whose houses lack inherent architectural appeal can take several steps to increase the overall exterior appearance of their home. Adding shutters to the windows or an added structural flourish to the entryway can intrigue passersby and prompt them to want to come inside. It can also help to make the front door a bold, contrasting color to the rest of the house so it stands out.


When it comes to listing your Chicago home for sale, keep in mind the inestimable power of the Internet. A large majority of homebuyers (roughly 90%) use the Internet to search for homes. So make sure you have an agent who utilizes the web to market your home through as many online channels as possible. Also bear in mind that buyers like to see numerous pictures of properties when they are browsing online. So don’t be stingy with the photographs. A dozen or more images is ideal.

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Excellent EXCELLENT article, Yuval!  Hopefully all those in Chicago and the entire Chicagoland area read your message and take it to heart ...

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