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DocMurdock - November 2007 Newsletter

It's November.

Time for another edition of our newsletter. Thanksgiving is this month as is Veteran's Day which is this weekend. Hopefully you'll do something special with your family, but when you do, if you're in America, take some time to remember those people who serve in our military, whether you agree with the mission or not, they are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and they deserve our love and prayers. Being a US Navy Veteran, my heart is with them as are my prayers this weekend and each and every day. Thanks for your service to our country, and hurry home safely. God Speed.

Thanks to all who have stopped by my new website. It's exciting to see more people come by and sign in to get information and to receive services. In fact, since I launched the new site visitor traffic and repeat traffic have increased more than 30%. A new design or a fresh one can really help things move for you.

Now on to the newsletter...

Website Building -

Website-in-a-Day I like to call it. Why? Because if you'll go to or click the logo at the top of the newsletter, you'll see a website that was assembled in a single day. About 8 hours to be exact.

Impossible you say? Can't be done? Sure it can. And now you can have the same kind of site looking the same way for under $1,000, assembled for you in a single day (if you need that kind of speed, and for no additional charge for the speedy delivery).

The site will have the same basic look as with the shadow around the page making it look like it's floating above a piece of paper. You will want to have a logo to be placed at the top of the pages, and you'll want to have content available in the form of articles or pictures and yes even YouTube videos can be added to your site to make it more active. is the page to go and view this offering. It's got some great things attached to it including some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work and 3 months of Free search engine submissions as well.

Now, before you go purchase, make sure that you have checked out my resources page at for all of the parts you'll need for the website (these are additional costs, but required to have a website). Think about if you need to have the ability to process credit cards. Think about if you'll need a shopping cart, and if you do, you'll sign up for those services there since they're available and they are the highest grade services at the best prices just for you.

Then we'll have a conference call to discuss things you'll want on the site, because the thing that makes this go the fastest is if you have the content for the pages and you know what you want and where. Layout is fast, and the site really can be finished by the end of a day.

I'm excited about providing this service and know you'll be pleased with the results.

To your success,

Michael Murdock, CEO

All information herein is Copyright 2006, Michael Murdock, DocMurdock, All Rights Reserved


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Alix Pinzon
Open Mortgage, LLC NMLS # 2975 - Downey, CA

As you know, the spirit of Active Rain is to help each other.  The best way that I've found is by hitting each others' website, to improve internet search rankings.  I checked out your website, and I liked the simplicity and the combinations of blue and green.  If you have a second, please reciprocate the favor by checking out my website at

Jan 07, 2008 04:33 PM