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HOME BUYERS. If you thinking of buyer your first home, upgrading to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller home, now is the time to start looking. With todays market value at a all time low, and interest rates still affordable, this is YOUR time to make a wise investment.

HOME SELLERS. I understand your still trying to make as much as you can on your existing home. Todays market is changing on a daily basis. When selling your home, make sure your agent is keeping you aware of the trends the market is dictating. I see a lot of homes expiring from their listing, meaning the listing period has come to the end of their contract. This happened due to a number of things. Make sure your home is advertised with the most current market value, and not the inflated price you think your home is worth, overpriced homes DO NOT SELL. How your home shows can make a big difference in how a prospective buyer will view your home,compared to other homes in your price range. Take the time to listen to your agent on how to stage your home. I've heard a lot of seller complain about their agent asking them to remove furniture, take down family photo's ect. Buyers want to look at your floor plan, not your furishings. They want to image how their furniture is going to fit  in the home. As Real Estate Agents, we know what will sell, and what will not sell. So please listen to your agent.

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