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New Mortgage bill HR 3915 This threatens to extint all of us of seriously cripple our income stream

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Hello all just wanted to post this, as most of you know the senate is going to meet very soon and vote on the new legislation bill that is threatening to put all mortgage brokers out of business, this will not only not allow us to make YSP and force most of us out of buisness but it will also make the lenders a lot more vulnerable to law suits from borrowers which will make them have to price in that risk to all loans which means, not only will the brokers go away but all mortgage rates could shoot up by as much as 2 points to allow for this additional risk. I urge anyone who reads this to go to the following website and enter your zip, and draft a letter to your congressman, its very simple to do and it automatically does it for you. we all need to take action now before its to late!!!  dont let these idiots in washington destroy all of our livelyhoods.


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