Selling your home, Is it empty or is it your buyers "Dream home"?

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Yesterday I was driving around while in an upscale neighborhood in Salt Lake City looking at houses that are listed for sale.  We saw at least three (3) homes that were vacant and totally empty inside as we peeked in the windows. What a difference it makes when a home is furnished vs empty. Then when it's furnished to have it furnished so the astetics make a buyer feel like it's the home that they want.

When a buyer looks at a house, visualizing that this is their dream home and imagining that their family will be eating dinner, sleeping in this room, having a guest family over to visit in the living room, kids playing in this play room, reading in the den, using a room as an office, cooking in the kitchen is vital to many buyers.

When a house is empty, the feeling of a home is "empty". Statistics show by research that a buyer is more likely to submit an offer that is closer to the asking price than submitting a low ball offer, little own submitting an offer at all when a home is not only furnished, but furnished with the look and feel of the asking price of the home.

If you are a seller or a potential seller, to be a serious seller in getting the highest price out of your property, you need to put yourself in the position to get the most money out of your property.

If you are a listing agent, most agents don't have the personal budget to use their own funds to decorate and put in the furnishings to make a house have the astetic look and feel to get the highest offer available. Those realtors that do, they will be able to get the top dollar for their listings.

The key tips that buyers watch for:

 Make sure the house is cleaned on a daily basis. Always have your dishes done. Never leave dishes in the sink. Keep the floor swept, the floors vacumed. Don't leave clothes on the floor. Make your bed first thing in the morning. This will be much easier than hurrying to do it later in the day.  If your bed spread needs the look of something that is better than an older one that you may have, spend the money to get a new one. If you need a throw rug, get one. If you need to get rid of an old couch, do it now. You may want to replace it with a temporary one.  Keep your fridge clean, both on the inside and on the outside. Don't have clutter on your fridge.  This will turn buyers off.  

Keep your bathroom organized. How: Keep the shower / tub clean. Clean it weekly (scrubbing). If you have a shower door, dry it daily to minimize the buildup of water spots.  Dry the floor after usign the shower / tub.  Make sure the caulk is white, not the ugly brown color. Dry the sink after EACH using. don't leave water on the sink.  This is a sign of a sloppy, I don't care attitude.  Believe it or not, this turns many buyers off.  Is your toilet clean? On the inside and the outside. Is it free of "stains" Inside and outside.  Does the toilet need replacing? Does the toilet seat need replacing?

Are your towells in the bathroom clean?  Do they look new or are they old and grungy looking?  Are they hung up?

Is your towell rack new or is it old worn out wood, are screws missing and the rack is not up or is there not one at all?

Are the tooth brushes organized in a holder. Keep the tube of toothpaste clean. don't have it skeezed from the middle. This looks sloppy. Don't have toothpaste hanging out, nor have toothepaste on sink.  These are signs of sloppiness.  Men & teenages & also bachelors, keep your shaver (shaving gel & razors clean and organized). Don't have hairs all over the sink and counter. Keep it spotless. How many times have you gone to someones house and noticed that either "This is clean" or "Wow, this person or family is a slob"? You usually don't tell them that, but mentally everyone say's this about a family.  I do, everytime I am at someone elses home.  I am either impressed or embarrased by how they live.

Is the smell of the bathroom clean or unclean?    

These small things are actually big things.  being lazy vs. taking an extra 20 seconds evertime you wash your hands to dry the sink and tap with a dry towell will make a big difference to a buyer.  They will see that their future home is clean.

The majority of people don't want to move into a house that is filthy.

Each person has a different level of cleanliness and filth.  We all grow up with parents that have different standards of living.  When we move out of our parents, go to school, get our own place, get married and have a family, we either adopt what we grew up with or we change for the better or we slack off.  

If you happen to be someone that is very laxed with your standard of cleanliness and you are trying to sell your house or you are going to be selling your house, may I strongly advise and encourage you to make the changes in your life so you can have an easier time in selling your house.  If you go back to your old habits, that your choice, but life is much easier in the long run by always doing the small things to keep your place looking great.

 With the amount of homes for sale right now and over the next year, you are in competition with many more people than you would like to be. But the facts are the facts.  The cleaner the house, the more of a dream home you have for someone else and the better the smell, the higher the dollar price you will get.

Comments (2)

Steve Queen
Bennett Realty Solutions - Bowie, MD
Chosen Realtor for Bowie And Laurel

Some great tips! I always wonder how some seller want us to sell a home they wouldn't buy. There are so many small changes that would make a big difference.

Dec 31, 2011 05:40 AM
Ben Gerritsen
Mortgage Miracles Happen, NMLS ID: 1289680 - Ogden, UT
Mortgage Loan Originator

Steve, you are soo right. Can you imagine your-self living in this home.  You have to take your-self out of your home and imagine someone else walking in and saying and thinking "Would I want this place?"

I am going to give you a challenge Steve and I want you to get back in touch with me. Every listing opportunity you have, give them my article and tell them that you have one request if you are going to list their home.  They have to not read this article, but to live by it.  If they do, you will list their home.

Your closing percentage will not only increae, but the offers will come in higher.

Dec 31, 2011 05:46 AM