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What is a Mortgage Good Faith Estimate?

One part of the homebuying process is applying for a home loan.  When you apply for a home loan, a lender is required to provide you with a mortgage good faith estimate (GFE) within three days of application.  The GFE is a summary of the costs and expenses that the borrower will have to pay at the time he or she closes on a property.  The GFE has recently become  a standardized document so all lenders use the same document.  This enables the consumer to shop and compare fees from various lenders before choosing a mortgage.  Here is a sample of a good faith estimate.  Below are examples of fees that you will find on the GFE.

Origination Fees

Settlement, closing or escrow fee

·         Discount

·         Property appraisal

·         Credit report

·         Lender's inspection

·         Mortgage insurance application

·         Assumption

·         Mortgage broker fee

·         Tax-related service fee

·         Application

·         Commitment

·         Rate lock

·         Processing

·         Underwriting

·         Wire transfer

·         Abstract or title search

·         Title examination

·         Document preparation

·         Notary

·         Attorney

·         Title insurance

·         Recording

·         City/county tax stamps

·         Transfer tax

·         Survey

·         Pest and building inspection

·         Condominium application

·         Prepaids for interest, hazard insurance, property taxes, mortgage insurance and flood insurance

Common GFE Terms and Fees: 

Loan origination fee - This fee is charged to the borrower for making the loan.

Appraisal fee - The appraisal fee covers the property appraisal, which determines the value of the home.

Processing Fee - This is a lender fee for reviewing loan paperwork.

Underwriting Fee - This fee covers the cost of underwriting your loan.

Title Fees - Fees that cover the services of the title company, which handles the closing of your loan.

Recording Fee - This fee goes towards creating a public record of legal ownership for you on your home.

Prepaid Interest - Interest due on your loan from date of funding to the end of the month.

Escrow Fees - Escrow fees are held by the lender in order to pay your future insurance and tax fees.

VA Funding Fee - Unique to VA Loans, this one time fee is rolled into the total loan amount.


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