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 I recently had a situation where I had shown a buyer an REO (bank repo) home that I have a listing on.  Needless to say this buyer was down right rude.  

 I had received a call from a perspective buyer who was interested in an REO listing I had.  I spoke to him on the phone about his interest in this home.  He wanted to know about this listing and questioned me about the taxes as well.  Our conversation went on, we set an appointment for him to view this home.  The time came for me to show him the house, I was there waiting for him at the property.  I received a phone call from this person telling me he was going to be 15 minutes late.  Again a second phone call telling me it was taking longer than he thought and to hang around the property until he showed up.  After an hour he finally arrived.  Introducing himself and his three friends we finally walked into the front door.  I followed him in prepared to answer any questions he may have.  I had pulled a plot map, tax information  and some other things about  this property for him, printed it out and had it ready for him to go over.

He pushed passed me with his friends in tow into the kitchen stopping long enough to make a few comments about what he was viewing.  He then went upstairs mumbling something as I waited in the kitchen area.  I could hear comments coming from him and his friends from upstairs.  He promptly came back down stairs and hurriedly walked passed me again as he headed for the front door.  As he reached the door he said it was to high priced.  I stated that the price was good compared to other homes in the neighborhood. We have two on the same road both smaller and priced much higher.  He then turned to me and rudely said "prices, smises who the hell cares".  "Next year this house will be on the market for $$$$", and walked out the door.  In seconds he was in his car and down the road. I stood there with my file in my hand shocked at how rude this person was.

I'm sure I'm not the only Realtor who had dealt with such a person.  As a Realtor our time is precious, we put our pants on one leg at a time as well.  Please treat us with as much respect as you would a friend.  Thank you.

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Erin Stumpf (Attardi)
Coldwell Banker - Sacramento, CA
916-342-1372 / DRE# 01706589 Sacramento, CA
I hate it when that happens.  I was stood up for an appointment this week...not the first time, and probably not the last time. 
Nov 09, 2007 05:19 PM
Shiya Gross
Green Triangle Equities, LTD. - Spring Valley, NY

I think the situation was a follow

he was viewing this house to buy a diffrend house, someone told him that REO's are in raelly bad and wanted to see the condition.

I try to to see to good part of all stories

Jan 22, 2008 01:00 PM