BuilderMania Results for Ryland Homes in Krum vs History Maker in Krum

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The results are in for a great match up. Since our pre-match article on Monday, the Bond package was passed to bring Football to Krum ISD! Krum will have football starting in 2008! Also the foundation was poured for the new Krum Elementary School located between Ryland Homes Eaglechase and History Maker Homes Saddlebrook.

Here is our analysis as of November 9th, 2007:

Ryland Homes currently offers the best energy efficiency package with a 14 SEER A/C Unit with Puron. As an Energy Star Builder, they have also elected to test have each home tested for energy efficiency. As of 2007, The Energy Star Rating is actually a requirement for new home construction to be eligible for some loan programs such as the Texas Veteran Loan by the Texas Veteran Loan Board. Cellulose Insulation will now be offered standard on all new Ryland Homes! A new plumbing system allows water to be shut off valves per line - a handy feature if a repair ever needs to be made. Improvements also include faster delivery of hot water! Ryland calls its combination of new technology the HouseWorks program.

History Maker Homes has a tag line MORE Home, LESS Money and that is exactly what you get. I do not know many builders that can beat History Maker Homes on a price-per-square foot calculation. While Ryland has more included features, most of the same extras can be added in at HMH for an additional cost.

Ryland builds homes between 1,600 square feet and 3,000 square feet. History Maker builds between 1,200 square feet and 4,000 square feet. History Maker now offer their 4,000 sq.ft. plan with up to 8 bedrooms! They call it a home, I would classify it as a small hotel!

This was a close decision. Depending on your investment strategy of 2, 5, or 10 years my recommendation would change. Ryland Homes is more expensive but you do get some great quality features including pest control tubes in the wall called TAEXX, top of the line energy efficiency, and designer feature such as splatter drag ceilings, divided lite windows (front), option of sloped ceilings. Another consideration is square footage. For a 2-story home the price discrepancy is so great that History Maker is tough to beat.

The 2 builders do not directly compete for large 1-story homes. Ryland builds a 1 story home up to 2,500 square feet. Rylands best seller called the Somerville plan is just under 2,100 square feet. History Makers largest plan is about 1,700 square feet. By recommendation of a pure real estate genius, Ryland started offering large 1-story plans. They brought back the Pendleton floor plan.

If you need a really low price point under $110,000 you may want to consider History Maker Homes for about 1200 sq.ft. Ryland's Colorado plan at 1,600 square feet is a best-seller with bay windows and large bedrooms in the mid $120's. But do not overlook History Maker for the same square footage almost $10,000 less.

My suggestion: Call Me! I have sold over 200 homes in Krum. I always know who has the best buy. Sometimes it is Ryland. Sometimes it is History Maker. Sometimes it is a foreclosure or a pre-existing home. I am the Krum expert. You will need a savvy realtor to help you select the right mortgage program. Both builders have their own mortgage companies for additional incentives: Ryland Mortgage and Colson Mortgage.

Ryland typically has more incentive money, but right now the 5.75% bond program is probably to both builders and is by far the best incentive. Also, History Maker has a special incentive for firefighters, police officers, and teachers!