Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY

Real Estate Appraiser with Appraiser, Ken Rossman Cert General RZ3504


Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY

I offer a somewhat short desktop (but still comprehensive) form type report which represents a significant cost savings over traditional narrative and even typical residential form reports, while essentially providing the same level of research, analysis and valuation methodology - presented in a logical, easy to understand format.  It is primarily targeted for non- (mortgage) lender type Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY assignments.

 This format could ultimately save you quite a bit of money, while providing essentially the same level of usable information necessary to help you make an informed decisions. My Format is suitable for many, if not most purposes (intended uses):  - to estimate (fair) market value or (fair) market rental value for sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants.; estate tax or settlement; Bankruptcy; Immigration (I-864 Support); gift tax; financial planning; matrimonial; pre-foreclosure/portfolio review; (private) mortgage (first mortgage, second mortgage, refinance; condemnation; Tax Grievance/Tax Appeal/certiorari; family buyout; partnership dissolution or buyout; guardianship, conservatorship; highest and best use analysis also retrospective appraisals, life estates, partial/minority interests at somewhat higher cost.

 We are a quality orientated  real estate appraisal firm serving North Bellmore, Nassau County, Long Island, New York; extremely experienced in appraising one and two family homes in North Bellmore and throughout Nassau County. I grew up in Forest City, Wantagh NY - just across Oakfield Avenue from North Bellmore, NY and am extremely knowledgeable about neighborhoods and real estate market values in North Bellmore, NY.

 Appraising Real Estate in North Bellmore NY for Over Forty Years

 Accurate, Reliable, Clearly Written Real Estate Appraisal Reports By a Highly Seasoned New York Real Estate Appraiser.

 Fast Turnaround - 2 to3 (working) day average on most one and two family residential real estate appraisals

 Fee Schedule (one and two family residential)  $250.00 - single and two family desktop (you provide  description of condition, modernization etc. and digital interior and exterior photos.

North Bellmore commercial and industrial appraisals from $750.00.

 We Accept any major credit card (via PayPal), money orders and business or personal checks.

 Please Call Us Now Toll Free at 800-491-6380 or 516-382-6473 for a free initioal phone consultation, for more information or to Order An Appraisal

Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY

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