Choosing a Realtor: Ethics

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JusticeA rose by any other name would smell as sweet. A Realtor by any other name, on the other hand… well, let’s just say that this is one case where the name makes a big difference. Simply choosing an “agent” to list your home can be taking a substantial risk. One reason among many to choose a Realtor over an agent is that for some agents, ethics can be considered optional, while for a Realtor, there’s a code of ethics by which we’re expected to abide, and that’s at the foundation of everything we do.

The Realtor’s Code of Ethics was first adopted by the National Association of Realtors in 1913. The Code means that, in common with other respected professions like law, medicine, and engineering, Realtors are held to a higher standard. The Code of Ethics has been amended several times since to keep up with the changing times, and with changes in the regulatory landscape.

Most of the provisions of the Code of Ethics spell out our responsibilities to you as a client. These include, but are not limited to, protecting and promoting your interests while ensuring that everyone involved is treated honestly, accurately representing the facts related to properties and transactions, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Of course, just as there’s more to my day-to-day job than just what I do for my clients, the Code similarly covers other aspects of what I do. For instance, there are sections covering our dealings with fellow Realtors (including, not surprisingly, being as mindful of their clients’ welfare as our own), and with the general public, providing access to the best and most accurate information available to us.

I’ve always appreciated the Code and the sense of transparency it provides; I feel it’s as much for my protection as yours. I also think that any credible Realtor should not hesitate to share the Code with you, and explain its Articles if you’re not sure of their meaning.

Listing or buying a home is a difficult and often draining time. It places enormous demands on your physical, emotional, and sometimes financial resources. In light of that, it helps to enlist the help of someone who can ease that burden, rather than adding to it. As a Realtor, I’m not only happy to help lighten your load, I’m bound to an ethical standard that ensures I will meet your needs and best interests. Call me today at 201-930-8820 x212  to find out more.

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