Tomorrow Will Never Be Yesterday Again

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Max I could not agree with you more.  We have to learn how to live today and worry about what could have been or what we think is going to happen.  We live in the best city in the United States, of course that is my personal opinion.

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stop signThere was a time, not too many years ago, when we all hoped for the economy to get back to "normal".  A time when everyone seemed to be making money, housing could be had for everyone, and creditors would give you anything you asked for.  If there's one thing I've learned over the past few years it's this; things will never be the same again. 

I just spent a week back in Arizona for Thanksgiving.  Going back was a reminder to me of how great we have it in Texas.  I was also able to see how "fighters", those with a never give up mentality have been able to not only survive, but have been able to thrive in arguably the worst economy in the nation.  It was inspirational to see to say the least.  These fighters have not only decided to never give up, but they've also determined that survival requires they seek out and embrace change. 

Following are some ideas that will help you embrace tomorrow, today:

1. Train yourself to have a positive attitude.  it’s an undeniable fact of business that attitude is the biggest success driver – both internally and externally.  Take a moment each day to write down something you’re grateful for. 

2. Visit your top 10 prospects. Talk to them about their situation and find out what their plans are for next year.  Make a commitment of both time and resources to help make them realize their real estate needs. 

3. Get mentally and physically ready to go on the offensive.  Budget whatever you can to promote yourself. Invest in the Internet, invest in social media, and invest in your sales skills. Now is the time to put your business money where your business mouth is. Waiting will give your competition a competitive advantage.

4.  Exchange cold calling time for business social media time. Make certain that you’re ready to Link, Face, Tweet, and YouTube your way to value and engagement, connecting with existing customers and prospective customers. REALITY: For many, cold calling has become the ultimate, annoying waste of time. Your value offering and value messaging, through all forms of social media, will ultimately create attraction to you from qualified people.

5. Employ manners that your parents taught you, and deploy gratitude internally and externally. Your parents taught you what to say, and I’m challenging you to be grateful for it and share your gratefulness with others. Make certain that your customers know the sincerity of your appreciation for their loyalty and their business.



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You've hit the nail on the head,Max. We need an attitude change. Looking at the glass half full will change your hold attitude and when you have that you will move in a more positive direction creating a path to success

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