Featured Listing: Builder's dream home in Windham, Maine.

Home Stager with Fiore Interiors
Fiore Interiors' staging division has EXPANDED greatly over the last year. Have a cool listing outside Portland? No problem. What are my criteria for traveling? Honestly?
1. I need to like your broker. Good ones are easy to work with and have their clients' best interest at heart. It feels like a team effort.
2. The house must be remarkable, or in remarkable condition.
Having said the above, let me introduce 16 Boardwalk Ave, Windham, Maine:
Constructed by a builder, its over 5000 square feet of excellent floor plans, layout, and quality details (granite,wood floors, good light fixtures, great windows, finished basement, etc). Oh and an amazing POOL/backyard/garden. So nice.

Listed by Rick Beal
Mobile: (207) 415-5985 Office: (207) 773-1990

 All photos owned by Michael Eric Berube of www.mainevirtualhometours.com, my awesome real estate photographer! Stagers and real estate pros alike go to him first.

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