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I attended the Boone County MIBOR meeting yesterday at the Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville, "Club West" location. David Ide, their Chief Operating Office, was very welcoming and informed us they are always looking for volunteers. After our usual formalities, we received a presentation by Craig Anderson of Duke Realty Corporation, who is also a Boone County resident. The Anson project covers 1709 acres of land adjacent to I65 on the east between the 334 and 267 exchanges. This project is just 20 minutes from downtown and the airport. It is expected to employ approximately 25,000 people with an average income range of $55,000, with the non-residential construction cost estimates for this P.U.D. being placed at $810 million. The project is planned for three different phases:
  • Phase I (Marketplace at Anson) encompasses the Eagle Township section of the project and includes retail, residential, parks, medical and office space. This Phase will include names such as: Lowes, Meijers, Witham/St. Vincent (scheduled to break ground in the spring), Lincoln Bank, Indiana Members Credit Union, CVS (already open for business) and more.
  • Phase II (AllPoints at Anson) is in Worth Township and will include distribution, manufacturing, and industrial buildings. The ASI Limited building is currently under construction and we received information regarding "Project Viking" that is currently under negotiation. Project Viking involves the 51st largest company in the US who is a pharmaceutical company which handles mail order prescriptions and should provide approximately 1300 jobs. The project is still in competition with other areas including Louisville and will likely decided by State/Local incentives such as TIFs.
  • Phase III covers the small section of Perry Township in the project and primarily focus on office space.

While the Anson development is off the ground and running there are still several unanswered questions because the project is based partly upon speculation. Duke is highly vested in this project and should ensure a very successful venture, but has several obstacles yet to overcome. For example, they were involved in talks with KB Home regarding portions of the residential housing project. KB Home has since pulled out of the Indianapolis market leaving Duke to find other alternatives. Ryland Homes is already selling town homes starting at around $158,000 for 1700 sqft. within the Anson Development.

Some of the discussion during and after the presentation: Phase I will include 680 homes in the Zionsville school district, but these homes will have a Whitestown address. The potential for a Theater and/or an outdoor Amphitheater within Anson. The expansion of I65 from 865 to the Lebanon exits over the next several years. Craig also explained how several of the office/retail locations will be combined with apartment complexes, having the business on the 1st floor and upper levels providing housing.

Boone County is on the verge expansion, with Anson leading the way. I am extremely excited to see these much needed changes and the upcoming benefits to Boone County residents and would be happy to help anyone looking to buy in Anson or other Boone County Indiana Real Estate.

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david martin

I moved out of Indianapolis to avoid everything you are talking about here. It is nice that you stand to  make a lot of money and all but I like this town the way it is. I don't need to drive ten minutes in any direction and find redundant services and goods that are set to surround the HOMES of the people who commute to work. That is not progress it is just more sprawl. How in the world was Zionsville lucky enough to get all the housing anyway? Oh I know, Zionsville's already overcrowded school system. All my kids' ever knew at school was construction. Temporary lights strung everywhere, gravel parking lots and the dust that goes with it. Tax burden ease for the residents? I think not. Infrustrucure will not grow with the pace of construction. I've watched the same thing for 22 years. Taxes must rise to support Projects like Anson. Tax abatements which is corporate welfare. But I will move soon and leave you and people like you to your careers and "forward" thinking. Maybe I could move to place where no one wants to build until they can count enough rooftops...

David Martin

Zionsville, in

Aug 20, 2008 02:53 AM
I'm sorry you are bitter

I understand your comments and am sorry you feel that way. You can consider alternatives like several markets in Michigan where the economic slowdowns in the auto industry have destroyed the local housing markets. It is a matter of perspective. While the housing growth will occur, what I am more excited about is the number of Boone County jobs that have been and will be created. In the current economic times I believe many people would agree.

I don't want to be sarcastic, but for you to complain about the continual construction in the Zionsville School system, it is nothing compaired to the problems residents in IPS school districts encounter. I'm sorry you don't want the change, but change is the one thing that doesn't change.

I also understand you concerns about tax abatements, but those comments should be made to your local elected officials. Unfortunately it is normally the number one way to entice BUSINESSES to locate to a community. Businesses mean jobs, and many of the jobs proposed for the Anson development are well above the mean AND average income for the state.

Do I think the development in BOONE COUNTY (not just Zionsville) will be without it's headaches and problems. No. But I would rather have growth problems during a time of economic turmoil than other more serious threats to our community.

Aug 20, 2008 11:40 AM