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During the holiday season, my family participated in a “Feeding the Homeless Program.”  There were two organizations serving that day, and we split up so that the family could participate with each group.  We had a talk with my grandson in order to prepare him for what he was going to see.  We were not sure what his reaction was going to be, but we knew he had to know there are others in the world less fortunate than he and he needed to be taught the lesson of helping the less fortunate.

We were given instructions from the group leaders as to how to serve the food.  My station was the water, juice and soda station.  I was to give one water and either one juice or soda.  I pretty much followed those instructions.  However, when children came through the line, if they had a bag, I reached over the counter and stuffed their bag full of juice boxes.  If they did not have a bag I got one and filled it for them.  It was an eye opening and heart wrenching experience.

My grandson had been told to reserve his comments and questions until we were in the car on the way home, and he did.  He had a lot to say.  From his conversation we realized he was shocked to see the homeless children.  It gave him a lot to think about.

It was a day of mixed emotions: happy to be able to participate in helping others, but sad to see their devastated situation.

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