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So, you decided to sell you home privately (owner financing). Now you need to think about what to consider when selling your home. One of the first thing you need to do as a seller, is to follow sound advice from a professional.

First, being an informative seller, will set the ground for a great home seller beginner, you need to let potential buyers know that your San Antonio home is for sale by putting a "Home For Sale" sign where it can be seen from all angle of your front yard. Also remember, the buyers will need to be able to contact you, leave a phone number on the sign where you may be contacted...

Second, pricing your home at a reasonable price is important. One way you may be able to come up with a reasonable selling price for your San Antonio home is to talk with a local Realtor who can tell you what other homes in your area with the same amount of bedroom ,bathroom, living room, kitchen, garage, etc as yours, sold for in the past three months, then base your selling price just below that price for a quick sale. Realtors are good at figuring out sell prices, for helping you come up with a sell price, you can offer a 2 or 3% commission, if they bring you a buyer( a great incentive to get Realtors motivated in bring buyers to you)...

Third, a little curb appeal goes along ways, pricing your home is very important but you also must keep in mind how your home is perceive on the outside. The first impression can make or break a sale. Improve the appeal of the outside exterior with a fresh coat of paint,  why not change the color while you are at it, or add a little decor to the front patio, or shrubs and flowers for an added touch. There are countless of things you can do to change the appearance of your home.  Do you remember how you felt  the first time you laid eyes on your home? how excited you were?  this is how you want your buyers to feel, when they enter your home.  If this is a little to much for you to do yourself pay a landscaper to do the job for you...

Fourth, you want to set the tone on the inside of your home by creating a cozy environment where the buyer can put him or herself living in your home, you do this by creating an open environment. What do I mean by "cozy and open environment?" your home is clustered free, all of your personal items are removed from sight, carpet or floors are clean,  and kitchen counters are free of extra appliances.  You want your home to have an ambiance of a homelike feeling...

Fifth, knowing how to negotiate an offer is important to know. You want to end up in a win, win situation. There are articles on the Internet that you can Google (example) "how to negotiate a sale" or " Home Negotiating for Beginners," just find one you feel comfortable reading and follow the tips...

Sixth,  when showing your home to potential buyers, tell them how much you and your family have enjoyed the home and you wish the new buyer will enjoy it just as much as you have.

  • Set the tone by presenting the home as a welcoming to my home kind of a way.
  • Be friendly and ready to show and tell
  • Leave information about your home on a table  or counter top where buyers  can easily find it
  • And have fun showing your home and don't forget to smile

If you need assistance in the sell of your San Antonio home call our office at 210-548-7399, we will help you through the process. Happy Selling!

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