Where Military Buy Homes... (Sneak Peek)

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I am in the process of putting a report together for my Military clients PCSing in and out of Barksdale regarding where the Military tend to buy (based on VA loans used*) and the market conditions in those areas. I thought it was interesting and had to share a sneak peek of the top neighborhoods military tend to buy.


The top 3 Areas that Barksdale Area Home Buyers purchased homes in 2011:

#1 North Bossier with 26% of all VA loan home purchases in the Shreveport-Bossier Area!
#2 South Bossier with 22% of all VA loan home purchases in the Shreveport-Bossier Area!
#3 Haughton with 19% of all VA loan home purchases in the Shreveport-Bossier Area!


These rankings are based off the total number of homes purchased with a VA loan by Multiple Listing Service Zone. I have also broke it down by neighborhood!


Top 15 neighborhoods where Barksdale Area Military Bought Homes in 2011:

#1 DOGWOODSOUTH (Haughton)

#2 CYPRESS BEND (Benton)

#3 TIBURON (North Bossier)

#4 GOLDEN MEADOWS (South Bossier)

#5 FOREST HILLS (Haughton)

#6 SHADY GROVE (South Bossier)

#7 SAVANNAH PLACE (South Bossier)

#8 BROADMOOR (Shreveport)

#9 LAKEWOOD (North Bossier)

#10 SOUTHGATE ESTATES (South Bossier)

#11 GREENACRES (North Bossier)

#12 DOGWOOD PARK (Haughton)

#13 STOCKWELL PLACE (North Bossier)

#14 LEGACY (North Bossier)

#15 BELLAIRE (South Bossier)


Just a peak! I am working on a detailed report that will show the military real estate market trends over the last 5 years, which will include the sales trends for the top neighborhoods and well as detailed information about the neighborhoods themselves. Please check back for information on how to obtain the report, or shoot me a request for it at JennyMcCarty@JennyTheRealtor.com!

*Please note the above data is from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is deemed reliable, though it is not guaranteed. It does not include For Sale By Owner’s whose sales were not reported to MLS. It also does not take into account the home purchases by military that did not use the VA Loan.


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