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City money to help sell property

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Are there many Realtors out there trying to sell property?  I have a couple listings in Pittsburg and they are just sitting on the market, not even getting shown.  You want to know why?  Ding ding ding...  They are priced to high!!  Anyway I love Pittsburg and I sell quite a few homes there.   I know it is not considered the best area of Contra Costa County to live in, but that is only from people who know nothing about the wonderful neighborhoods, and community. 

Every other Wednesday we have a Pittsburg tour.  They meet at the downtown café on Railroad.  The next on will be the 2nd week in January.  It is a nice little group of Agents from East and West County trying to get traffic through their listings.  It's a great way to network maybe learn something to help us, hear community announcements, and get to know Agents on a more intimate level. 

Anyway we had a woman from HUD-Section 8- who came over and told us that Pittsburg had money for low income housing. 

That means if you live in Pittsburg on Section 8 and qualify (36 of her section 8 clients fit that description), HUD would help get them into a Pittsburg home under $450,000!!  "Where are those Buyers", we asked.  She said to bring her a flyer on the home and when they came in to her office she would show them, otherwise they were left wandering on their own. 

Next time I will tell you about other money Pittsburg has to help get buyers into property, you might not know about-If you want me too.