Selling Property Yourself: Some Examples

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It’s now possible to get property listed in the MLS for a low flat fee or perhaps even sell it on your own through Craig’s List. But, without the help of a full-service agent, you would, in essence, be hiring yourself as your own agent. Here are some stories of people who did sell property for themselves:

     I.        An owner in Roscoe Village listed on his own for 40K less than we would have.

(The moral of the story: not surprisingly, given his fire-sale price, he sold it immediately).

    II.        There is an attorney who dabbles in development and then sells her own property, but she writes terrible listings, is too busy to accept all requests for showings, and, when she does a showing, it turns out that she’s a terrible showing agent.

(The moral of the story: we hope she’s a better attorney than a real estate agent!!!)

   III.        A condo owner was promised, for a small flat fee, an MLS listing and marketing support. The trouble was two-fold: the firm he worked with by phone couldn’t tell that his property was, in present condition, terribly staged, and the listing sheet he helped write was such a mish-mash that you would think the goal was to reduce the number of showings.

(The moral of the story: Not surprisingly, he suffered terribly long market time before finally throwing in the towel and hiring a good agent.)


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