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Selling Your Home?

How to Help Sell Your Home

While your real estate agent may be working on selling your home, you - as the seller - also have an important role to play. It’s up to you to prepare your home for sale. You might ask the questions... How to Help Your Agent Sell Your Home

While your real estate agent may suggest, recommend and even cajole, selling your home is your job, and no one else can do it for you. You have only one chance to make a first impression. It’s so true.

A recent survey indicated that more than 60% of buyers knew the property was for them the minute they walked in the door. So make sure you put a lot of your effort into that first impression.

-First Few Steps on Selling Your Home - 

Cut the grass or shovel the snow to make it easy to get to your front door.

Repair stairs and railings and remove all the usual clutter.

For a great first impression, paint the front door a color that coordinates with your trim and add new hardware.

De-clutter the foyer and make it a grand entrance. A mirror over a hall table reflects light and gives your entrance a finished look.

In the living areas, remove some of your furniture and paint the walls a neutral color to give them a spacious feel. Use lighting, even in the daytime, to brighten dark corners. In the bedrooms, organize your closets to make them seem roomier. 

Kitchens and bathrooms can sell - or not sell - your home. If you can afford it, replace outdated appliances and fixtures. If you can’t, go for a good first impression with uncluttered, sparkling-clean counters.

In the bathroom, new fluffy towels and accessories may help visitors overlook the dated vanity.

While it’s listed, your home should always be kept clean, tidy and smelling fresh. Using these Steps will definitely help your real estate agent on selling your home. You'll find that between the two of you, 60% of buyers may just find your house is "the one."  

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