The Indians are at the door - Circle the Wagons

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Well, there has really been a flurry of activity with mineral leasing in the Barnett Shale area.

These leasing companies are coming into a neighborhood, going door-to-door and waving a few hundred dollars under the homeowners nose (along with a lease) and telling them that this is a once in a lifetime chance.  If they don't sign up right now they will lose their chance to get value from their minerals.  Let me tell you one thing for sure....THE OIL AND GAS UNDER YOUR PROPERTY AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!!

I have heard stories that remind me of the days when in an earlier life I had to sell used cars to make a living.  I actually quit because I couldn't stand the way they pressured the people into buying.  And then put retreads o the cars before the new owner came by to pick it up.

I have always thought that the oil and gas business was honorable, even if a little cutthroat.  It is big money but you can still treat people with respect. 

I have been trying to talk with HOA's and similar groups about joining forces to get them a better deal.  Not only for money, but for things like disrupting the neighborhood and laying pipelines.  Of course, more money isn't a bad reason to get together.  There is strength in numbers so why not get together with your group and do it right.  I am ready to talk with any group whenever we can get together.

It seems strange that if they were going to put in a landfill or a slaughterhouse, everyone would be up in arms.  Why won't they get together for something like this???

I hope someone can explain it to me.  Maybe I sould just get a bunch of $100 dollar bills and go around buying and leasing.  NOPE, TOO MUCH LIKE USED CAR SELLING !!!!     I HAVE GROWN UP SINCE THEN....

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