A Florida Real Estate Agent's Impossible Task......Home "Listings" and Money... We Spend or Not Spend on Advertising Is there a "Win Win" anywhere?

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I am a real estate agent in Port Saint Lucie Florida. I started over three years ago in a Local Rental office as a receptionist. I found I liked the business so I got my license. I saw an immediate change in how I was treated in the "office" . I could not longer answer the phone because people thought I was going to steal leads. Even though I worked honestly for them for over a year. I changed to an office that taught by motivating you and teaching about getting listings. I stayed as long as I could because the market was changing and no leads were coming and people stopped buying. I could not afford the desk fee's. So I changed and went back to a local office that is property management. My thoughts were that people were renting. Unfortunately when you split a rental it about pays for your gas if it is an inside rental. It's like delivering pizza's. The car breaks and the the gas is expensive.

Now the listings I did acquire were suffering because they were upside down and Brokers do not like to advertise overpriced listings. So basically my listings were worthless to this Broker and my clients did not like this. They lost respect for me and My Broker got complaints from them that I was not doing my job that I promised. Unfortunately I made those promises when I was with the motivational company that made me feel invincible. Which is dangerous,

Now I have mad clients and a non supportive Competing Broker. Every man for himself attitude and no one can question the Broker or disobey ( or leads and floor time is taken away). Basically treated like an employee and with no say in anything.

Are there any Brokers that respect agents? Is it the advertising cost "the bottom line" that make the agent and if you pay your own advertising and get your own leads you get a higher split? I think if you have advertising money that is what it takes. But remember being a broker advertising is what you do to get 30 to 50 percent of an agents commission and that , in some cases, is alot of money. But some brokers seem to think you can't make any waves or thoughts, you do as your told. Also you get the leftover leads if they compete.

I agree with the philosophy that you have to learn to make your own leads or the Broker does own your soul. I might get my Brokers License just to get out of this cycle. But hopefully I have learned what not to be from example.

Brokers forget Agents are not employee's and get no hourly pay to sit in the office. So if we get the crumbs and no leads or only left over leads, we will never make any money in that office. If they take the big sales and rentals the other agents are just drivers and door openers

I am tired , hurt and mad at the real estate business and the mortgage companies that made us look like monsters with the arms where people are paying over 2000.00 for payments on two loans and arms that are out of control. We did not twist the Buyers arms to buy the homes. At least I did not.

I have been accused of trying to pressure a relative to take a loan from a Mortgage Broker and a relative said I did something illegal by being part of trying to get my relative a home and the loan was an arm. The house was a good deal and still is (unfortunately many foreclosures and other peoples bad investments are Good Buys right now), but I was trying to tell them the house was a good deal and the Mortgage Broker was saying he could refi it before it got bad. But now we see the Mortgage Brokers did not keep their word and it made me look very bad. My relative did not get the good deal but in this case was right about the loan. I feel it ruined my relationship with my family. I have learned not to get involved with the mortgage process. But that makes the consumer in charge and the Buyers have to really check out the mortgage broker on their own. I might get a rider advising them of that.

I am wondering if after such a rocky ride financially and the bad press if real estate agents can recover and what company supports agents and does not take the " I am Broker you are Nothing" attitude. And Mortgage Brokers will be honest with the chances of the refi never happening. Will Buyers and Sellers ever trust us again? If they won't try how can Real Estate continue in the same framework of Brokers and Agents. Only the Brokers are making any money like a pyramid.

What company do you feel is the best when it comes to real estate, education, mentoring and respect? I need to hear from agents. Is A Brand Name better because they treat everyone the same and there is not a Broker on site in many cases. Or is Mom and Pop better? Mom and Pop tend to treat you like their kids though, even though you may be the same age and have a good client base. I think the Broker should know the 475 and not just quote a few words. If you read it you would see most agents are not treated like the statute states they should. If you want the big cut from the agents know the laws of being a Broker. Many Brokers would be surprised and how many infractions they have done and are doing.

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