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It was a perfect evening, just a slight chill in the air. It made the roaring fire feel just right. We gathered, one by one, at the boathouse to celebrate a great year and to share our hearts and souls with each other about 2012 and what we plan to do to make it even better. It was difficult to keep it a secret from Karen Smith, our broker, but we actually pulled it off. She was totally suprised and in awe. We decided at the onset that she should not know because she would assume some type of responsibility for the evening. And after a very busy year, Karen ended 2011 like a whirlwind. There were board meetings & extra beach shows. We opened a new office on 30A, and then Karen was named Broker of the Year for Bay County Board of Realtors and there was a huge banquet. Then there was the office Christmas party, the other office Christmas party, and planning for Christmas. And if that wasn't enough to fill her busy schedule, she pulled off a wedding for her son on Christmas Eve! whew!
This was our night, and Karen's night. It was our turn to get her to sit down and relax by a warm fire while we all, one by one, shared our hearts about each other and for Karen. There was laughter and tears, lots of thankfulness and appreciation for each other and for our wonderful little company. It was a great opportunity for me to share with everyone how I came to be here, and how awesome God is that he led me to this place and these people. "I know the plans I have for you", it says in Jeremiah.
As I sat there listening, I was reminded of how much God must love me. And how that his plan for me is always so much more than what I could imagine for myself. I learned a few things about my office team, and I learned a few things about me.
This was one of those moments you put away in the corner of your memory and will never forget. It brought synergy to our group and pulled us together, and brought our minds together for a greater purpose. You see, here at Beachy Beach Real Estate, we don't feel like we are here just to sell real estate. We feel like we are here to make a difference in people's lives. And as a team of professionals, we strive every day to be a positive force and an inspiration to each other and to our community. There's no doubt that our 'little office' is quickly becoming the 'big deal' on the beach. Karen's philosphy is that the only people we have to get even with are the ones who have helped us. And together, we plan to do alot of 'getting even' with folks this year.
Gratitude and love is all around, and we are so blessed.
~Kimberly Luna, Broker Associate 
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