5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Get Your Next Employee

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5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Get Your Next Employee

LinkedIn has become a popular option to find employment. It may not get the attention that Twitter and Facebook do, but it is gaining a following for business careers. To find quality employees through LinkedIn follow these five tips.

Develop a Top Notch Profile on LinkedIn

Create a profile of your company with key words that will attract the right kind of employees. Individuals use LinkedIn to find employment by making a list of companies they would like to work for. Make sure your profile mentions exactly what you do and what kind of people work for you.

Look at profiles of other companies in the same industry. Perform a search and see who comes up first for certain keywords. Study their profile and see what they are doing that you can follow or do better.

Candidates may see your profile and submit a resume or email you. You won’t have to do any searching - the candidates will come to you.

Search for Candidates

Use keywords to find individuals who match your requirements. Use your contacts with former employees or other business associates to lead you to potential applicants. Search for employees who have worked for other employers who have the same requirements as you do.

Connect with Possible Candidates

Don’t be afraid to send an email through Inmail, the LinkedIn mail system, to someone who has the qualifications you are looking for. Even if you don’t end up hiring them, they may recommend someone else who has the same qualifications.

Encourage Your Employees to Create a Profile

Creating a profile for your company is beneficial, but so is having your employees create their own. Ask them to link their profile to you, and let them know you are looking to hire. They may find potential leads for you and increase the size of your network.

Having employees linked to you also increases your visibility. Job hunters who are looking for potential companies will pay more attention to a company that has viewable employee profiles. It gives them an idea of the kind of people who work there.

Develop an Online Presence

Join groups on LinkedIn that have similar interests and backgrounds as you do. This allows you to network with others who may have candidates they can recommend. You can respond to questions in the ‘Answers’ section to give you more visibility.

For a price, you can even post a job opening on LinkedIn. This will get the attention of anyone who is looking for a job. It will be most effective if you have a strong profile for job searchers to view.

Don’t overlook LinkedIn as a potential source for qualified applicants. Even if you don’t hire new personnel often, you can find excellent candidates by spending some time beforehand to establish your company on the site.

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