What is Brand Awareness and Do you have it?

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What is Brand Awareness and Do you have it?

Wikipedia defines "Brand Awareness" as the customers' ability to recall and recognize the brand under different conditions and link to the brand name, logo, jingles and so on to certain associations in memory.

So my question is do you have "Brand Awareness"?  Do you have one thing that sets you apart from others in the Real Estate industry that a customer can instantly identify when they see or hear it?

I've driven neighborhoods and could tell from a distance who was selling a home just by the shape and color of the sign.  

Recently Marnie Matarese of JWood Realty (Sarasota Real Estate-Beach & Bay) wrote a post about signs (What's Your Sign? ..... saying about you? )

When I designed my sign I wanted to have colors that no one else was using at that time (Teal and Purple) and a shape that was different from most - vertical instead of horizontal.  (It didn't hurt that my maiden name is TEAL and I use it on my card)Home and Hearth Realty logo

I believe many in Austin Texas area can identify Home and Hearth Realty at a glance because  of the shape and color of our sign. 

We added a motto to further identify us:  "Austin Attitude - laid back with professional results! "   It grabs attention and  opens conversation with strangers. 

So what does your brand and motto say about you?  Does it let consumers know what to expect from you?  Is it time for a over-haul of both?


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Gwynn Teal Carpenter ... the Realtor with an Austin Attitude - laid back with professional results!

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Not a real person
San Diego, CA

I'm quite familiar with that laid bad Austin (and Texas and Southern) attitude. I think it is what has served me well here in San Diego. These California folks have no idea what it means to have someone, a total stranger, care about them and their interests.

Jan 10, 2012 11:02 PM
Gwynn Carpenter
Gwynn Teal Carpenter-Broker: Home and Hearth Realty (Austin) - Austin, TX
: Broker, Home & Hearth Realty (512)467-6191

Russel:  Yea that Southern Attitude does take folks by surprise.  We aren't dumb just cause we talk slow! 

Jan 11, 2012 02:06 AM