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Real Estate has begun to embrace the environmentally friendly idea. This is the point to lay the ground work for generations and allow for a continuum of new ideas. Having things like better insulation, tight windows and tank-less water heaters are essential and should be applauded. Builders and architects have taken the ground up approach of positioning the house in order to use natural resources like the sun and time of day. Industry is gearing up with major company producing the t-8 light bulbs that save energy. Power companies are giving analysis on " " Points and areas within homes to increase energy savings. This are great fist step actions and have been evolving for some time. Having a ZERO waste policy at construction sites is an idea that has not been seen much. again as more of this done the better and easier it will become.

Construction   Point out ideas to builders on ways to cut and recycle waste.

We as a nation and as Realtors have a golden opportunity with existing homes to create an environmentally friendly national community. Many of the same techniques can be used with remodeling and upgrading. Obviously there are going to be functional aspects of many houses that will require creative thinking and planning. This will be, as has always been, the economically feasibility and ability of owners to pay for these upgrades that creates the limiting factor. A call for a mandate of governmental help ( tax incentives) will facilitate the energy savings. Avoidance of cart blanc spending should be included in this type of mandate ( as with all mandates ) in order for the success to be long lasting. Education on this issue can be ( and is ) a technique that would only help public utilities by allowing them to be hailed as the gate keepers of the environment.


Existing Homes   Typical existing homes can almost alway be upgraded to better standards.

We live in a throw away society. Consumers have become accustom to replacing rather than recycling or reusing. This is at the forefront of the environmental movement. This mindset is definitely inherent in us all and when encouraged is easily achieved without much effort. As Realtors and active participants in our communities the task is to be specific one activity at a time. Give resources for consumers to access and get information. This way we all contribute one step at a time on the the thousand mile journey.

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