It's a blustery day!

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It's a Blustery Day in Yamhill County

The local weather man predicted this on the 11 o'clock news last night. I didn't quite believe him. I had just pulled into the driveway from spending a warm, cozy evening at a friend's dinner party in Portland.  She held it at Serratto's in NW, a lovely Italian restaurant. The drive home was filled with a clear sky, amazing stars and a few clouds drifting along.

The forecast said 85 mph wind gusts along the coast -- "I want to be there!", I said. Imagining the ocean spraying up against the sheer rock cliffs fills me with anticipation. Inland , where I am, the wind would be tamed to only 45 mph.

As my eyes closed at around 1AM, I thought -- that poor weather man ; he missed another one.

Then at around 4:30AM , he proved what a great forecaster he really is. The curtains in the bedroom billowed out and I woke up to the sound of the wind pushing the few remaining leaves from the trees. Almost before I could quite figure out what was going on -- rain, rain, glorious rain pelting against the tin roof. Ah! I could go back to sleep.

A part of me wishes I could stay home to finish knitting. I would put on a beef stew to bubble away all day. I only have one sleeve to go on this fantastic wool coat -- it would be perfect to wear today!!

AND -- I am grateful that I have business that requires my tending. Our market here has definitely slowed AND there is still a lot of activity. Listings are plentiful with some great properties available. Interest rates are still low.

Actually today's storm reminds me of our market right now -- what seems certain just as you close your eyes turns in a totally different direction when you wake up. How exciting is that !!

There is something about a storm such as this one that stirs my soul deeply. It refreshes my spirit and invites me to open my eyes in an entirely different way. The air literally crackles with possibility and freshness.

As I step out into the real estate business world today, I feel that same crackle and freshness.


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