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Easing the Condo Search Experience

The beauty of South Florida real estate is likely the fact that there are so many property types to choose from.  From time-honored single family homes to multi-family and luxury waterfront condos, options are aplenty.

The slight advantage condos have over the others is they give you the privilege of living in popular neighborhoods without cutting as deep into your pockets as a regular home would.  But how do you even go about getting started on finding the right one?  We've got some pointers to help you out.

Be aware of the rules.  Unlike single family homes, there are established mandates that each resident is expected to follow set by the condo association.  If you're carrying around a pampered pooch for example, your condo search efforts may become considerably more difficult since many associations outright refuse to allow a pet.  It's important to be aware of what's expected of you before you proceed any further.

Take advantage of the perks.  Even the most inexpensive of condominiums usually come with a swimming pool as one of its amenities but if you're considering something a bit pricier, make sure to inquire about what privileges and added features are available to you.  Having access to a deluxe spa for example can justify a price that initially seems unreasonable.

Vehicles can be a potential issue.  The tradeoff of living in a condo is you don't have the convenience of your own exclusive driveway to park in.  Situations vary but you want to take into consideration things like whether or not a garage has dedicated security or if it has parking spaces for your future guests.

Achieve environmental harmony.  No matter how lavish your condo is, you won't be happy there if you're not completely satisfied with your immediate surroundings.  The chances of someone not enjoying their living situation in a Fisher Island condo are slim but it may be worth sacrificing if you find yourself feeling more at ease in a condo in say, Coconut Grove.  Make sure you get a true sense of comfort the moment you do your initial condo walkthrough.

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