The Synergism of Customer Service.~The Computer Shop, Trenton, Ontario, CAN

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The Synergism of Customer Service.

Twilight has always been my favourite part of
the day...that time between late afternoon and late evening, when the sun is setting and the darkness ekes it's way lazily into places the lightbeams can no longer reach.
A type of hush takes over the prevailing ambiance of the city streets about that time, as people settle in for the evening, while fragrant scents fill every cosy room.
Busy children sit at kitchen tables and work on math homework while Dad's help cook or read the news, feet up on fake leather footstools and an old dog dreams on a nearby braided, throw rug.

It was about that hour last night, when I was settled in with my dinner of rice and tofu stir-fry, accompanied by some of my Mother's deep crimson pickled beets, that I reminded myself to pick up the phone and tell her what I had been meaning to tell her for the past 3 days.



'Oh, I'm so glad you called.'

'Why, what's wrong?', as I detected the concern and frustration in her voice, a far cry from her normal cheery greeting.

'Oh, the cable went out in Brighton and Trenton today and when it came back on, my television was fine, however the internet never worked again.'

I asked her a series of questions and determined that even though she had contacted Cogeco, they had not been able to tell her what her problem was, so I promised I would come over in the morning and see if I could get it working again.

This morning, after trying various things, I determined that her ethernet card was no longer functioning and opened the phone book to find a nearby computer shop who would install an ethernet card if we brought the computer in. Looking in the phone book for a company that included the word 'computer' in it's name, the first one that caught my eye was The Computer Shop. The kind voice at the end of the line agreed to install it for free if we purchased it through him, and if we brought the computer down right away, he would have it done before the end of the afternoon. So off we went, computer, Mom and I.

The shop was easy enough to find, being right across,  kitty corner, from the Farmer's Market on Front Street in downtown Trenton.

Carrying the computer in, I noticed how spacious and well-organized the store was and how congenial the technician was with a customer who had brought his computer in for repair.

Setting my Mother's IBM on the counter, I explained to the technician that I was the one who had called about having a new ethernet card installed. While unscrewing the frame of the tower, he said he would test it first to make sure the card was defunct. Peering into the guts of the tower, he noticed something right away.
'Well, that might be your problem right there, it looks like the ethernet card is disconnected somehow.'

He re-attached the card and placed it firmly in place and then carrying it over to his work table, hooked it up and gave it a test. Turning with a smile to my Mom he announced, 'You're online.'
My Mother let out a relieved 'Oh, Thank God.'

He then carried the tower back over and screwed the frame back on while my Mother began to get her wallet out.

'How much do I owe you?'

The kind and gentle man looked at my Mom as he announced 'No charge.'

My Mother gently argued about paying him something and after he insisted there would be no charge and that it was nothing, just a few moments of his time, she acquiesced and announced with a happy smile to him, 'Well, I will tell everyone I know about you.... this is how we repay good business and good people. We tell all of our friends....and I'm a senior and have lots of friends!!'

 The technician smiled as we approached the door and thanked her for her consideration. I know my Mother, and I know how many friends and acquaintances she has and how many functions she attends and groups she belongs to. You can bet, that The Computer Shop in Trenton, Ontario has just gained themselves a multitude of new customers through this one considerate act for an extroverted and thankful senior today.

This is how good businesses succeed and prosper. They take care of people. They are honest and forthright, and they remember that we are all connected and that even the smallest deed can make a world of difference, in someone's day, in someone's life, and subsequently, in whether or not a business will succeed .

The Computer Shop, Trenton, Ontario~ Winner of The Trentonian's Reader's Choice Award in:

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007

and I'm not in the least bit surprised. They certainly have my Mom's vote; and I can safely say, that if I lived in Quinte West, they would have mine too !





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Birmingham Alabama Real Estate, Stephen Wolfe - Birmingham, AL
Jo-Anne, thanks for joining...this is exactly the type of experiences we need to be sharing. Now, if that place were on closer to Alabama, I would be taking mine at home to him today!
Nov 13, 2007 12:44 AM
Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

Thank you Stephen !   I had already posted this to the 5 groups so I had to do a separate posting of it to your group when you started this very worthwhile and good group. 

The next time I write a post about a business, I'll be sure to include this group in the initial 5 groups !

Great idea you've had ....



Nov 13, 2007 05:25 AM