What Could you do with an extra $65000?

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What could you do with an extra $65,000.00?

Buying a house now instead of waiting a few years can Save you BIG…. Interest Rates have no where to go but up in the future.

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I hear all the time about how bad the economy is and that people do not want to buy a house because they don’t want to chance spending the money and making a bad investment. I have also heard that people are waiting for the interest rates to drop even lower…. I say stop waiting…. Rates can go up just as easily as they could go down.

If you have the money and are considering buying a home or upgrading to a bigger one, please really consider making that move now… I will show you want you will pay at the current rates and I will show what you could be paying in a couple of years when interest rates are forced to rise to 6.5% or higher.

CURRENT INTEREST RATES…. Supplied by Lindsey Davenport at Centennial Bank in Conway, AR. If you would like more details about how to get started applying for a mortgage please giver her a call at 501-328-4688.

Conventional Rates:

    30-year Fixed 3.625-3.75%

    20-year Fixed 3.625%

    15-year Fixed 2.875-3.0%


FHA Rates:

    30-year Fixed 3.5%

    15-year Fixed 2.875%


VA Rates:

    30-year Fixed 3.5%


USDA RD Rates:

    30-year Fixed 3.5-3.625%


Man these rates are amazing…. USDA RD rates of 3.50% on a 100% financed LOAN…. WOW…

If you are looking to refinance or apply for a new mortgage give Lindsey Davenport at Centennial Bank a call.

In the Future if interest rates go up to 6.500% on a 30 year mortgage you are paying 40%more in interest on a home…. Let me show you what 40% more looks like in a comparison.

                                         JAN 2012 30 Year Fixed FHA loan                   Future Date 30 year Fixed FHA Loan


Interest Rate                                    3.500%                                                   6.500%       

Loan Amount                                   $100,000.00                                           $100,000.00

Principal & Interest PMT*                  $449.04*                                               $632.07*

Total Difference in payment = $189.03 Per Month.

 X 12 months = $2196.36 a year.

 X 30 Years = $65890.80 over life of the loan.

*Principal and Interest payment only. Taxes, Insurance, and PMI not included.

What could you do with an extra $65,000 dollars?

I always provide information to my clients, so they can make a Sound Financial Decision. I am here to educate you the public along with my clients. I don’t want anyone to get taken advantage of or to miss out on some really great deals now. I am here to serve YOU.


“Better Educated to Better Serve You.”


So if you have any more questions or comments about the above material… Contact

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