Prepare you home exterior decks during winter

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  • Deck manufacturers suggest using a plastic or rubber-tipped shovel, never a metal shovel, to remove snow from a wooden deck. Choose a sturdy plastic snow shovel with rounded corners to effectively remove heavy snow and debris. Do not shovel across the decking but instead shovel in the direction of the wood grain, to prevent scratching or denting the decking.

Loose Ice

  • Use the same plastic or rubber-tipped shovel to remove loose pieces of ice from the deck. Shovel gently and don't try to dislodge any pieces to avoid scratching or denting the wood pieces. If your deck wood is older or pressure-treated, take even more precautions when shoveling the decking, as the wood is more fragile.


Melting Ice

  • Wooden deck manufacturers sometimes recommend using a pet-safe ice melt to get ice off your decking. It's less corrosive than other products and it's eco friendly. For an even gentler approach, pour a bucket of hot water and a little dish-washing detergent on your wooden deck. This not only will remove the ice, but also should keep ice from forming for up to a week.

Warnings and Suggestions

  • Do not use rock salt on a wooden deck. Rock salt is corrosive and causes the wood to dry out. It will permanently stain your deck. To protect your wooden deck through the winter months, apply a sealer in the fall before it snows. Wash the decking first with a commercial deck cleaner or a detergent and water solution

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